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Dedicated investment professionals driven by a disciplined investment process.
We believe volatile markets require dynamic strategies.
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Experienced Professionals
We incorporate a deep understanding of the underlying drivers of long term value creation and risk in every client portfolio we manage.
Risk Managers
Volatility matters. Our disciplined, research-driven approach and superior portfolio design deliver consistent, repeatable results with a focus on capital preservation and avoiding severe losses.
A higher standard. Trusted stewards of our clients’ wealth and committed to providing client centric, independent and objective investment solutions.

Rational Investing in Irrational Markets

Shamrock Asset Management provides customized investment advisory solutions for high net worth individuals, endowments and foundations. We focus as much on preserving capital as we do harnessing upside growth in global markets. Our disciplined, risk managed investment solutions are simple in design but dynamic in reacting to an ever changing global market.

A Tactical Approach to Assessing Market Risk and Asset Allocation

Market Cycle
Yield Curve Dynamics
Behavioral Biases
Shamrock is focused on delivering in today’s challenging investment climate.
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How are you or your investment advisors investing and managing risk differently today than during the last severe market downturn?
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Shamrock Asset Management actively manages risk to preserve and protect your wealth.