What We Do

Disciplined Investment Process

We actively manage portfolios for growth while proactively assessing markets and managing for elevated levels of risk. The goal is preserving capital while harnessing upside growth.

Focused on managing risk, we deliver an investment framework where static models do not exist, but are replaced by customized solutions tailored to your specific objectives. Dynamic asset allocations addressing the challenges of a changing market when market conditions begin to shift.

We diversify not only amongst broad asset classes, but also strategies both strategic and tactical. Whether managing a holistic portfolio or a specific sleeve of your allocation, we employ strategies that strive to adapt to changing market dynamics and, when necessary, will move decisively to cash.

A Tactical Approach to Assessing Market Risk and Asset Allocation

Shamrock is focused on delivering in today’s challenging investment climate.
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How are you or your investment advisors investing and managing risk differently today than during the last severe market downturn?

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Shamrock Asset Management actively manages risk to preserve and protect your wealth.